Thursday, 22 October 2015

Brows & Lash Growth Experiment | Week 1 Results | Castor Oil

I'm a little late in posting but here is my update! These pictures were taken a few days ago on day ten. If you missed my last post, when I first started, you can check it, here. I have been using castor oil on most nights. Out of the ten days, I have missed three.

Day one and I've woken up with very oily, but moisturised eyelashes/eyelids. But it washes off, so that's ok. My eyebrows look the same, but I feel like my eyelashes have grown a little, maybe it's my imagination!

As the days go by, I've used less castor oil, (it's very thick!), so that I don't wake up to an oil slick. A nice side effect seems to be moisturised undereyes, so that's nice. Here's the castor oil I use.

After ten days, I do notice some new growth, which actually isn't completely evident in this photo. I did trim my eyebrows a tiny bit, especially my right (your left), where I tried to make it more even. Nothing was plucked where I wanted it to grow in (see previous post), just trimmed at the top. As of now, I still have my brow bald spot, and there has been no significant improvement in my eyebrows.

I do notice some growth in my eyelashes. My lashes are very fine, and almost transparent. It's always nice to have thick lashes, but they are not, as of now. My hair is also fine, so I'm not sure whether castor oil will be changing that, to be fair.

I will be updating again, next week so bookmark for updates! What do you think about my progress post? Can you see any difference?

xo, Amali

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